Iñaki Permanyer obté una Consolidator Grant de l'European Research Council (ERC)

Iñaki Permanyer obté una Consolidator Grant de l'European Research Council (ERC)

Iñaki Permanyer, investigador del CED, ha obtingut una de les 12 Consolidator Grants concedides a centres i institucions espanyoles i una, del total de 78 que l’European Research Council (ERC) ha atorgat en l’àmbit de les ciències socials i humanitats, de forma altament competitiva. + info

Iñaki Permanyer encapçalarà, durant cinc anys, el projecte “Healthy lifespan inequality: Measurement, trends and determinants” (HEALIN).

Abstract.- “Despite its widespread use and popularity, life expectancy (LE) has two shortcomings. First, its definition only takes into consideration mortality levels, thus ignoring the health status of those who are still alive. Second, LE is an average that does not explain how the length of life is distributed across the population. These limitations have generated two strands of research (i.e., the study of ‘health expectancies’ (HE) and ‘lifespan inequality’ (LI)) that, so far, have developed independently from each other. The overarching objective of the HEALIN project is to bring together these research avenues into a coherent whole to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of contemporary population health dynamics. To attain this goal, I propose the new concept of ‘healthy lifespan inequality’ (HLI), which is designed to investigate the extent to which healthy lifespans are unequally distributed across the population.

The HEALIN project will (1) investigate the trends and determinants of HLI, (2) assess whether the specific ages and causes that drive changes in HLI are the same ones determining the changes in LE, HE and LI indicators, and (3) investigate how these indicators behave across and within countries and socio-economic groups. In addition, the project aims to make innovative contributions to the measurement of comorbidity and to our understanding of how the latter can, in turn, influence the measurement of health expectancy and healthy lifespan inequality. To attain these objectives, the project will develop path-breaking analytical methods inspired in the models applied for the study of inequality and multidimensional poverty”.

Actualment, Iñaki Permanyer ja treballa en un projecte de l’ERC, Starting Grant “Equalizing or disequalizing? Opposing socio-demographic determinants of the spatial distribution of welfare” (EQUALIZE).