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Albert Esteve amb el seminari: "Gender Asymmetries in Marriage Markets: A Global perspective"

Organitza: Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Lloc: 40.035 Sala de graus A. Calsamiglia, Campus Ciutadella; i per zoom

Hora: 12:00 - 13:30

RF5 – Albert Esteve_poster


We use census and register microdata for Spain, the United States, Canada,and Japan, to examine gender differences in characteristics of natives andtheir immigrant spouses, and whether these patterns differ between unionsof native men and native women. Cross-national unions exhibit strikinggender asymmetries, whereby native men partner with individuals fromcountries at a lower development level (HDI), while native women choosespouses from similar or higher HDI countries. Unions of native men arecharacterized by large spousal age differences, which increase with the HDIgap; this pattern reverses among native women. These strong asymmetriesbetween unions of native men and women do not extend to education level,with cross-national unions, overall, involving highly educated individuals.These results point to the endurance of certain features of traditionalmarriage patterns in cross-national unions, which differ starkly betweennative men and native women.


This will be a hybrid event. You can also attend the seminar online, to do so please follow this zoom link.