Colloquium Mariona Lozano: Too Early or too Late? Migrants’ and Native-born Ideal Timing of Fertility in Spain

Organitza: Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics

Lloc: Virtual

Hora: 12:00 - 13:00


Understanding migrants’ preferences on childbearing offers insights into how the migration experience and the contextual characteristics of the destination country might define migrant women’s life perceptions and expectations. Using the 2018 Spanish Fertility Survey, we explore differences in the ideal age of having the first child between migrant and native-born women living in Spain, a context of low fertility, and relatively recent immigration flows. First, our results indicate that, compared to Spanish-born women, migrant women tend to report younger ideal ages at motherhood. However, in line with the socialization theories, we find that the ideal age reported by those who arrived during childhood is similar to that of native-born women. However, a selection effect through the intergenerational transmission of values of parents who decided to migrate with young children could be an alternative explanation of this finding. Second, migrant women who arrived childless in Spain report a later ideal age of motherhood than migrant mothers suggesting a possible disruption effect caused by migration. Third, while Spanish women tend to report that they became mothers later than their ideal age, Eastern European and Latin American women are more likely to have had children before their ideal age. Overall, even though migrant women in Spain differ from the native-born in having an earlier ideal timing for fertility. their ideal timing is mediated by both their socialization context (age at arrival) and contextual factors.

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