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Iñaki Permanyer i Jeroen Smits (Global Data Lab) fan el "Launch of the Subnational Gender Development Index"

Organitza: United Nations Statistics Division

Lloc: Estand virtual del congrés "Virtual 2020. United Nations World Data Forum".

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Launch Ceremony Subnational Gender Development Index 20-10-2020-1


The Subnational Gender Development Index (SGDI) is a subnational version of the Gender
Development Index (GDI) of the UNDP, which has been published since 2014 in the Human

Development Reports. The GDI measures gender inequality at the national level by compa-
ring the level of human development of women with that of men.”

The SGDI extends the GDI to the level of subnational regions within countries. The SGDI is
available for 1600+ subnational regions in 151 countries. It shows global gender inequality
with ten times more detail.”
After the launch, the SGDI can be freely downloaded from the Global Data Lab website: